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A couple of weeks back, with Suzette of A Curious Invitation, we held our 32 Londoners on The London Eye event.  Without any false modesty, I can shamelessly say it was absolutely amazing.  OK, it rained and it was a bit shambolic at the beginning but once everyone was with their correct host and were on their way to the Eye, I believe we all had immense fun.  I was in the green room with the speakers (some of my favourite Londoners themselves) for much of the evening and that was a particular pleasure.
Whether you were there or not, you may be very pleased to hear that we recorded each speaker's talk and are releasing the recordings as podcasts today Tuesday 27th May at 12.00pm GMT.  It starts with Anne Duggan telling the story of Thomas Becket and running chronologically through our 32 Londoners to finish with Philippa Thomas on Zadie Smith.

I have been listening to them and they are gold. Pure gold.  London Gold.  So if you want to hear the likes of Dan Cruikshank, Claire Tomalin, Andrew Motion, Julien Temple and Ken Livingston talking about the likes of Samuel Pepys, David Bowie, Bobby Moore, Keats and Chaucer, check 'em out at

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