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Here is the Canongate trailer for Glen's book. Music by yours truly - although that isn't me singing of course. That's the very lupine Joe Guillotine from Lazarus and the Plane Crash. He gargles with ground glass.

It is a curious idea isn't it - a trailer for a book? I like it. We did this one too a little while ago for a Stephen King book collection. Quite disturbing I thought.

Whatever next - a trailer for an a record? - Oh yes, we did one.

The Last Werewolf album is done. As ever, it grew into something bigger and hairier than will fit on a disc or an overnight bag and like the moon it has a dark side and a light side.

I will share some of it soon.  In the meantime, I would appreciate any strange moon related anecdotes or facts from my friends here -  or any pointers to beautiful moon imagery.


Now, I don't know about you but I intend to be wearing one of these guys every full moon from now on.  Our dear friend, the very eccentric Ms Za Za made him as a limited edition for Antique Beat to celebrate the publication of Glen's wonderful novel The Last Werewolf.

Handmade with a gold plated fastener, he's gonna grab you by the throat and sink those vicious teeth in.  He's not quite the last but he is one of a select and dying breed.  He will be joined, or perhaps mourned,  by his girlfriend Tallulah in the autumn when the paperback comes out.

You can get him from the antique beat boutique where there are also a limited number of hardback copies of the book signed by Glen himself.

But most importantly there is a preview of the new The Real Tuesday Weld album 'The Last Werewolf - a Soundtrack'  It is called 'The Moonrising Suite' and you can hear it and hear more about the whole thing here. The album will be released from July around the world - but more on that soon.

"My, what big teeth you have Grandma.  And what big eyes you have.. "

For my friends here, for a limited time there is also a special sneak preview of a wolf song I made with my friend Little Red Piney Gir
at this place.  Shhh!

"If you go down in the woods today, you're to sure to get a surprise"