All text copyright Stephen Coates 2006 - 2015

Wanna Buy a Dream?..

Joe enters his newly rented room

"Well. It’s a room anyway Joe. Better than a tent.
But there’s the minor complication of the rent.
Take inventory son:
Assets: none
Liabilities: none
Prospects: none
Well, that’s the list.
Wait! There's one asset you missed –
The paternal watch that ticks away your life minute by minute."

Joe gets out an old-fashioned watch and looks sadly at the photograph of a girl in the fob

"Look! There’s a liability in it –
The dream girl. She resigned from the dream – why not?
She wasn’t so dumb –
You are a self appointed bum.
Hey look here!
Are you shedding an old fashioned tear?
You don’t cry nowadays.
You live or die nowadays.
Things could be be tougher –
And after all, an artist has to suffer.
I guess it must be a grain of Italian dust left over from your last campaign
Or put it down to eyestrain."

Joe takes a mirror down from the wall and looks at his reflection

"Look at yourself - you’re all mixed up
Snap out of it. Get yourself fixed up
Even if poets misbehave,
They always remember to shave."

Joe suddenly sees the image of the girl within the reflection of his eye’s pupil

"Say, what’s the matter Joe?
Something gone wrong?
Is your head on wrong?

No! It’s terrific! Here’s something on which you can really pride yourself
You’ve discovered that you can look inside yourself
You know what that means? - You’re promoted
You’re no longer a bum. You’re an artist!
Remember a poem you once read?
“The eye is a camera” it said
Suppose like a film it could retain
The images that glide so secretly through your brain
Have you ever tried to see the shadow world inside photographed by the retina and held suspended in its memories?

This is one of the more unusual talents – and it’s yours it seems
Maybe this could revive your bank balance. Remember, everybody dreams Joe , if you can look inside yourself, you can look inside anyone
Customers? There are so many, one can’t count them
What’s the population of the world?
Almost two billion. A potential of two billion customers
All with a dream to untangle
You’ve figured out a new angle
Get it? Dreams on the instalment plan!
You’ll be in the money man!
It’s a miracle – just as you were a complete bust
Wait ‘til you’re in the chips
Then watch the dream girl warm up those chilly lips!
Get on the phone
Make a small financial loan
Convert this tomb into a consultation room
And go into business on your own!"

"It's finally done. Phew!"

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