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Get The Real Tuesday Weld's 2014 Audio Christmas Card HERE
It's almost that time of year again isn't it?.  It seems to come with increasing rapidity.  Good job I'm immortal.. 

In the sixties, The Beatles, who were pioneers in SO many ways, used to make special flexi discs containing songs and bits of spoken word for their fan club at Christmas. Inspired, The Real Tuesday Weld have made an Audio Christmas Card for the last eight years.  Originally it was just for friends and to say thanks to all the amazing people who have helped or supported us but a few years back after many requests (well, two or three), we started to make them available to all.  They contain new music and pieces from the past year that wouldn't normally see the light of day.  Often some of our best work I think. 

They take the form of a specially designed greetings card with a mini cd inside - a format I have always loved although it is now almost totally anachronistic.  You can actually play them in a standard cd player tray - although not of course in a laptop.  Every year, we think 'shall we bother?"  and I always say 'yes' because although we now also include a digital download token, it just doesn't seem the same to not have 'the actual thing' in some physical form or other.  You can use the cd as a small coaster if you like.

You can get this year's card  HERE - signed and dedicated if you like.

The super cool image is one from the Alice in Wonderband collection by Antique Beat - beautiful cool greetings cards and T shirts featuring Alice and her friends in a psych-rock band (really).  With all the other things Antique Beat have on offer, that should really cover your Christmas list right?

I am particularly pleased with the music this time: "Hey Miss Policeman" (a song about a cross-dressing law officer); "Forsaken" with my dear friend Marcella Puppini (from this year's score for the US film 'Meet Me in Montenegro'); "Cheshire Love Cat Blooze" (does what it says on the tin) and 'It Came Through the Window" inspired by 'The Man Who Married Kittens', the Walter Potter biopic I scored for maverick director Ronni Thomas.

And as an extra Christmas stocking filler, the EP contains a copy of our much requested cover version of Abba's masterpiece "The Day Before You Came". This was only previously available on a US compilation. The original is one of my favourite ever songs: