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I was digging around in a trunk in the attic the other day, looking for something or other and I pulled out this. It was labelled 'rough mix' but I had a listen and  thought I would post it because if I don't it will get forgotten again.

I can't even remember why we didn't use it in the end.  It is an odd process putting together an album - even these days when albums aren't the way a lot of us listen to music anymore.  You go through all these tracks and versions,  remixing and re-editing, putting this next to that , choosing that one and leaving others behind. 

But his was one of the Tallulah songs from "The Last Werewolf" and as Glen Duncan's sequel "Tallulah Rising"  is now out, it seemed a nice one to dust down again.

It is definately a woman's song - here with Pinkie Maclure on wonderful form and a lovely string arrangement courtesy of Marcella Puppini.
And so of course, I couldn't think of a better person to illustrate it than Louise Brooks.
Take a deep breath, lie back and..