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At the end of this month, it's 251 years since William Blake was born. We usually go to see his grave in Bunhill Fields every year and I noticed that The Real Tuesday Weld cheekily pinched some of his work on their album 'The London Book of the Dead'. I always thought that he was buried in a mass grave with up to thirty other people, but the recent discovery of a secret coded grid on the graveyard wall may change that. Last time we visited, we found a small piece of nineteenth century oak coffin with two copper nails in it and wondered whether it was a bit of his.

When he was a child he was reputed to see angels in the trees and he became rather angelic himself as he grew older - but not in a cute way - more in the manner of the giant figure said to be guarding the gates of Eden with blazing sword and loud trumpet. I was reminded of this when I saw Alex De Campi's video for The Real Tuesday Weld song 'Last Words' - oh, and of course, of that wonderful film: Wings of Desire by Wim Wenders.

I understand she had a hellish time making it and performed several miracles to pull it off but she has a place in video heaven we know.