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Without superficiality there can be no depth

Sorry, I've been away for a while on the Isle of Skye in the far north. I lost myself for a while there.....

More soon I swear but in the meantime, I thougt you might enjoy this

with love


RIPied Piper

I have to say I'm very sad at the news just came in that Syd Barrett is dead. How sad - and it seemed in many ways his life was quite sad too - but who knows? -at least he had the enormous integrity to not do the comeback that he was continually hounded to do and which many of his contemporaries embarassingly did do. I love his music - particularly 'waving my arms in the air' and he had a few really magical years. Beautiful then too.

Of course, Syd actually died many years ago - it's Roger Barrett who just passed on

bless you both....

(syd painting by hu mendes)