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Are you South of the river or North of the river? After the success of sold-out Salon No 1, we are back at Westminster Arts library with Salon No.2 featuring Travis Elborough and Chris Roberts telling strange stories about London's oldest and best known bridge.  A soundtrack for the city will be provided by yours truly.  

And Hendricks will be presenting their amazing gin cocktails  - sufficient to float most people's boat I believe.

Tickets are very limited - you can get them here: WeGotTickets 

Travis (who is the author of the forthcoming "London Bridge in America: The Tall-Story of A Transatlantic Crossing") will tell us a tale beginning with a history of the bridge in its various incarnations and  how the world’s largest antique went to a waterless patch of the Arizonan desert when a previous incarnation of the bridge was bought by "fraudster whose greatest trick was to convince the world he ever existed.."

Then, as if that wasn't enough, by drawing on his remarkable and encyclopaedic knowledge of the city, Chris (author of "Cross River Traffic" - the definitive guide to London's bridges) will present an interactive presentation on crossing the Thames in which YOU select which stories get told.  

More details are here.