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In conjunction with 'Cold War Modern' show at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Radio Clerkenwell will be broadcasting a series of shows for Resonance 104.4FM the London Arts Radio Station. The series is a trip through 'Sounds of Propaganda and the Cold War' featuring some of the absolutely extraordinary music, broadcasts and spoken word recordings of the time. I will have some very special guests along the way to keep me company too.

The shows go out from Sunday October 5th at 6.30pm GMT and will be repeated the following Tuesdays at 11.00pm GMT. There are a schedule of the programs and I will be posting playlists here each week (and a list of sources at the end of the series.). Outside the capital, the station can be listened to on-line at


Well you know, we probably all spend too much time in front of our computers and for many of us it seems the hours spent on the de rigeur  on-line virtual networking sites has even overtaken the time we spend actually meeting people in the flesh. I'm really not sure about it all to tell you the truth. Yet, when asked by Curious Pictures to contribute music to their new promo for yet another such site, I accepted. Why?  Well, because the film was made by Ro Rao the director who directed 'Bringing the Body Back Home' and of course, as you might expect, it's wonderful.

But anyway, what does this particular on-line social networking site promote that all the others out there don't already?  Yes, you guessed it, it's aimed at getting you away from your computer and on-line social networking sites...

And so it goes, round and round and round - 
but here's the film anyway.  

Kind of makes me wish I had a tail..


Speaking of Catherine, she recently asked me to re-score her wonderful film 'Deep Blue Something'. She is rather reclusive and seems reluctant to ever step into the footlights, so I am forced to do it for her.

Many people have asked about the imagery The Real Tuesday Weld use at live shows - most of it is by Catherine too. If you are in London and would like to see it - come and join them at Corsica Studios on the 25th - I shall be there myself.

Anyway, here is the film with new music and voice: dive in to the deep blue