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This album by The Real Tuesday Weld came out in the US late last year and there is a terrible tale of skulduggery, betrayal and infidelity behind why it is only now available in Europe. But, praise the Lord,  it is now being released through Cargo / Six Degrees in all the usual places and by the new label Antique Beat as a special collectors' edition forty page hardback book. This is made with wonderful illustrations by the very magical and mysterious Ms Catherine Anyango (a fellow denizen of East Central London) who tells the album's story in a series of gorgeous linked montaged tableaux.   

They also kindly included some of my writings and future reminiscences together with a special piece by London literary luminary Glen Duncan and I believe there is a special gift for those who look hard enough.

Above is an image from Catherine's wonderful film for the first track: 'Blood Sugar Love'.  It was  made around my house in Clerkenwell. Click here to watch it. Quite beautiful I think you will agree.


Alex has been at it again.

A couple of years ago he came over to the UK an visited Callanish at my suggestion. Now Callanish is a place on Lewis in the Outer Hebrides off the North West coast of Scotland where there is an extraordinary and massive prehistoric stone site to rival Stonehenge.

It's pretty remote and a long and complicated trip is necessary to get there. He made the journey all the way from Brooklyn, arrived and then left again after five minutes. Why? Because it completely freaked him out. He loved Stonehenge but then Stonehenge is a Solar temple.. Callanish is a Lunar temple. Now, I know he doesn't take drugs so I am assuming he has that condition that means you get affected by the movements of the moon.

Why am I telling you all this? Because he has just posted 'Last time in Clerkenwell' - a kind of sequel to 'Bathtime in Clerkenwell' - on Youtube and it's completely stark raving bonkers. Youtube have featured it on the front page, so his lunacy - and considerable genius - will hopefully be appreciated by a great deal of people. Hurray.