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Alex has been at it again.

A couple of years ago he came over to the UK an visited Callanish at my suggestion. Now Callanish is a place on Lewis in the Outer Hebrides off the North West coast of Scotland where there is an extraordinary and massive prehistoric stone site to rival Stonehenge.

It's pretty remote and a long and complicated trip is necessary to get there. He made the journey all the way from Brooklyn, arrived and then left again after five minutes. Why? Because it completely freaked him out. He loved Stonehenge but then Stonehenge is a Solar temple.. Callanish is a Lunar temple. Now, I know he doesn't take drugs so I am assuming he has that condition that means you get affected by the movements of the moon.

Why am I telling you all this? Because he has just posted 'Last time in Clerkenwell' - a kind of sequel to 'Bathtime in Clerkenwell' - on Youtube and it's completely stark raving bonkers. Youtube have featured it on the front page, so his lunacy - and considerable genius - will hopefully be appreciated by a great deal of people. Hurray.


paulo said...

Ooh cool, but:

'This animation is based on the track "Cloud Cuckoo Land" from the album "The London Book of the Dead" by British band The Real Tuesday Weld.'

Is Cloud Cuckoo Land going to be on the British release or something? and when's that release hopefully set for? and/or is that release set for the 27th August or so when you mentioned that gig in London (if it's still going ahead in August- I see the September/later gigs).
and another question whilst I'm asking them: what's that Festival Spectaculaire thing in Paris? We could always consider a short trip to Paris if it was something pretty cool (providng we find a cheap holiday deal somewhere too of course)?
/end of questions. ta very much! either way, it looks like it's not too long for some more trtw goodness in London.

paulo said...

all that big giant comment, and not much to say about the animation!
It is indeed another great animation. So many cool ones he's done now.

clerkenwell kid said...

On the UK digipak version of the album 'Cloud Cuckooland' is there as a secret file. This is out at the end of this month There is a special edition version with a forty page colour hardback book coming out through the antique beat website in September

Antique beat is having its launch party on 27th August and there will be some musical things happening there. I will blog all this properly.
Paris will be a very short show - 30 minutes apparently! So maybe not worth crossing the channel for... And the London show are free..

Anonymous said...

I spent 20 minutes in Callenish, not 5:)) But those were very inspiring 20 minutes:))

Heather said...

Fantastic animation! I am a little sad that I won't get that version of the song over here on any American releases, though. Do you think Antique Beat would be willing to ship one of those hardcover books stateside if I asked them really nicely? (And, of course, paid the difference in shipping...) Of course, not sure you'd know the answer to that question, but do you know who I could ask?
And lastly, responding to another commenter (sorry, Stephen!) - Alex, I was so excited to see a link to your own blog! Then I saw that it's in cyrillic... :) Is there an English version out there somewhere? If not, could I perhaps build one for you and bribe you into updating it? Hehe. :)

clerkenwell kid said...


check out:

they haven't officially launched yet but you can pre-order it there. or mail them
it's gorgeous.

drop 'em line too - i am sure they will help

you can get alex direct through his youtube or website (link on this page)

paulo said...

Ta for that- looks good.

I'd bought the promo of the American version, so at least I have a copy of the album already for my impatience. Does the new digipak version have anything extra over the book version? (i.e. if i save up for the book version, i'm not going to be missing anything in the normal version/ is the cloud cuckoo land also on the book version?)

Looking forward to more details for the 27th anyhow!

clerkenwell kid said...

The book shouldn't cot you much more than the digi - if its direct from Antique Beat. It is supposed out be the same disc. There are various extra tracks being given away with different on - line people but AB will sort you out with the extra tracks if you ask.

Anonymous said...

Dear Heather, unfortunately i don't have a blog in English, and I will have to spend a couple of years to translate all the material I have there now, after all I had it for more then 4 years. I think the solution might be in doubling all the posts in English, like some of my friends who speak several languages do, but that is very time consuming. In any case, a lot of my posts contain jokes and poetry that is impossible to interpret, but I accept you offer to create a blog for me, thank you for that! I love when somebody tries to bribe me into something:))