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This album by The Real Tuesday Weld came out in the US late last year and there is a terrible tale of skulduggery, betrayal and infidelity behind why it is only now available in Europe. But, praise the Lord,  it is now being released through Cargo / Six Degrees in all the usual places and by the new label Antique Beat as a special collectors' edition forty page hardback book. This is made with wonderful illustrations by the very magical and mysterious Ms Catherine Anyango (a fellow denizen of East Central London) who tells the album's story in a series of gorgeous linked montaged tableaux.   

They also kindly included some of my writings and future reminiscences together with a special piece by London literary luminary Glen Duncan and I believe there is a special gift for those who look hard enough.

Above is an image from Catherine's wonderful film for the first track: 'Blood Sugar Love'.  It was  made around my house in Clerkenwell. Click here to watch it. Quite beautiful I think you will agree.


tony said...

Wonderful Music

paulo said...

Enjoyed your performance at the Crypt the other night (despite no Brazil!), shame it wasn't longer. Or no Dorothy Parker Blue/ Last Days.

The book album is pretty snazzy too, and nice to see some new songs (although no Cloud Cuckoo Land?). Am curious as to the different track choices- are you not sentimental about a set of tracks being the definitive collection for a particular album? I suppose not, what with your previous albums released in various forms, but it almost seems a shame to me that Americans and Brits would have different sounds/experiences of the same album?
I love the new sounds on Bringing The Body Back Home (and the big build up of sounds that you guys did live for the end of the song in the crypt), although I still miss the lady-singing version one. Ruth... is a very good song addition too.

Unlixes said...

Oh my gosh. I saw this in HMV and picked it up without further consideration.

How, now, do I trade it in for a version with a forty page booklet? I feel bereft.

I live in East London. Maybe I should just pop 'round and collect it.


clerkenwell kid said...


thanks paulo. it was a rather intimate affair and not meant to be a show at all really - but very nice to play in a tomb nevertheless.

The albums have always changed in different places - for various reasons - but in the time between releases i felt it should be a different listen. Cloud Cukooland is on there as a video if you stick it in a computer. And mail and they will send you the extra track if you like. The version of 'body' with cibelle is on the the latest six degrees 'traveller' compilation btw

clerkenwell kid said...

dear unlixes

i'm sorry for that - the book is only available from at the moment