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Speaking of Catherine, she recently asked me to re-score her wonderful film 'Deep Blue Something'. She is rather reclusive and seems reluctant to ever step into the footlights, so I am forced to do it for her.

Many people have asked about the imagery The Real Tuesday Weld use at live shows - most of it is by Catherine too. If you are in London and would like to see it - come and join them at Corsica Studios on the 25th - I shall be there myself.

Anyway, here is the film with new music and voice: dive in to the deep blue


Anonymous said...

Waw! Thanks for that!!!

uncle Al

Stella Polaris said...

What a haunting video... It reminded me of both Tim Burton's Vincent (the rhythm and the tone of the narration) and Dave McKean's works. Actually, a bit Neil Gaimanish, in my opinion.

By the way, I finally read the Bloodstone Papers. (Got kicked in the leg by a horse, so I had loads of free time over the weekend because my leg wouldn't allow me to go out!) I have to say, it's one of my favourites by Mr. Duncan, with I, Lucifer and Death Of An Ordinary Man. It's amazing how he can create such a thick atmosphere in his books.

Also, I was wondering, have you ever made an appearance in any of Duncan's books? I noticed you had a dedication in The Bloodstone Papers (someting I think is just infinitely awesome), but have you ever noticed a character who was, in essence, you, or had elements of you in them?

By the way, I've been familiarising myself with Daniel Craig's acting work lately, and I'm extremely excited about him having been cast as Lucifer. I really hope the I, Lucifer movie will get made soon, and that TRTW is allowed to liven it up with music!


Anonymous said...

Hello, do you have an email address I can contact you at? I bought your DVD off your site but forgot to send my address with paypal and can't get in touch with Dreamy Records.. thx Suzi

clerkenwell kid said...


Yes I think 'The Bloodstone Papers' is very good too - the writing is really great. Also it has a very personal feel - and given Glen's background, feels like a tribute to his family.

Now I am not at liberty to say whether I appear in any of Glen's other books - although certain, ahem, 'similarities' have been pointed out - he denies it all of course...

Still waiting on the film - that world seems to move at a positively glacial rate - it's worse than the music business. I believe they are now due to start shooting next summer - and in Clerkenwell apparently...