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Back to Blighty after visiting the New World. Meeting new friends and old, meeting celebrities, a Siegfried and Roy moment, a Spinal Tap moment, getting sunburned, getting stoned. Experiencing a lot of generosity, appreciation and passion. And that was just on the way to Heathrow..

In New York I met up with Ro Rao - who has made a wonderful animation / film / puppet show for the song 'Bringing the Body Back Home. Here is a quick preview before we launch it in the Autumn.

Blew me away.


June said...

Amazing animation. Love the unicorn birds!
Stoned eh? Did you try some whacky Cali "medical grade"? I've tried some sort of med grade for the first time this week. Went through an array of physiological effects which included: Nausea, Dorito cravings, repeat 1 + 2 for about 1/2 hour, tingling limbs and ending with complete deep sleep. Overall a good experience.
Tell us more of the spinal tap moment....

clerkenwell kid said...

yes the birds are wonderful..

well our drummer had a tattoo in Portland and it completely changed his personality (improved it actually) for 24 hours

then i got sunburn on my legs when sailing and had to waddle around like John Wayne.

keep up the medication!

AM The Obscure said...

I added your blog on my list of links on MY blog...hope you don't mind?!?


clerkenwell kid said...

a pleasure..

bloodstar said...

I am so happy to finally see this again! It left a strong impression on me when I saw it projected live. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

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