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Well, well, well- after all this time The Real Tuesday Weld are going back to play in Canada and the USA and I will be accompanying them. About time too. The world has changed and governments do their thing - incomprehensible to most of us I suspect - so it's all become much more complicated and long winded and paranoic but I'm really looking forward to seeing friends, meeting strangers and travelling across that amazing landscape. I've hopped over the channel to work / collaborate / hang out quite a bit these last few years and it's always such a pleasure.

I don't know if you will be able to be there but it would be an honour to say hello if you were. All the dates are on that myspace thing.

In the meantime, or if we won't see you, for a little something (a little cheeky something) to whet the appetite and to show that that famous 'special relationship' is still firmly in place, click here


Seamus said...

I am incredibly excited to see you in Portland on July 16... assuming I can pawn some books at Powell's in time.

I see you're in Seattle on the 12th, and SF on the 16th-- for how long will you be sightseeing Portland? Do you generally have time for such?

clerkenwell kid said...

got a day in Portland I think Seamus - what do you recommend?

Seamus said...

Hard to know what I'd recommend to the Clerkenwell Kid.

To most visitors of Portland, I'd say:

Visit Powell's bookstore... it's a cliche 'do this before you leave,' but that's so for a reason.

Also, if it's your taste, Portland is the best beer city in the US. There're any number of amazing brew pubs, especially on the east side of the river.

Take a walk/drive up Belmont and Hawthorne, also in SE.

Check out Forest Park, at the foot of the west hills.

Eat some Thai food.

clerkenwell kid said...

books and beer - sounds good

i'm teetotal til LA but i'm sure that will go down very well..


Heather said...

Damn, no shows in Washington, DC... next time you come to the States we *have* to arrange something for you in the capital area. Otherwise how will I ever get to see you live? Sure, it's selfish of me, but I don't care! I'll call the Kennedy Center until they give in, if that's what it takes. :)

rebelmezzo said...

Hallelujah and welcome back! My friends and I will be quite thrilled to see you at Cafe Du Nord. Hope you have a loverly tour!--RM

Michael S. said...

Hallo dear Mr.Coates,
are planning to visit Israel someday? I'd love to hear you live.
P.S. In the album "I, Lucifer", in the song "The Root of All Evil" you quote "Hatikva", Isarel's national anthem, right?

clerkenwell kid said...

Just waiting to be invited Michael..

We were supposed to go to Tel Aviv last year but something happened.

You know, you are not the first person who has mentioned the connection with that tune - it wasn't concious -more what Jung would call synchronicity I guess

Michael S. said...

I think that Synchronicity is the key word in art. Even I, as a listener, when I hear your music for instance, I feel that the music reminds me of something already existing in me.
But does that mean that artist is just a mediator, the person that provides the link between the audience and something that C.Fort would call the Super-Sargasso Sea.

Just an unrelated general remark. It's so great that nowadays books and music become more and more interactive, so that we can even exchange messages with our favorite musicians or writers! Long Live Internet!:)

P.S. Me too waiting for you to be invited:) If only I knew how to arrange such performances.. If I can be helpful in any way, please, let me know!
Thank you.

clerkenwell kid said...

thanks michael

yes the Sargasso Sea about sums it up - and there is nothing new under the sun as they say..

the best stuff has that feeling of mysterious familiarity about it i think