All text copyright Stephen Coates 2006 - 2015


Now, when you notice things, there’s someone else there.

Crows lope away from us with a look that knows our atrocities.
The back garden in Wednesday rain heaves out godlessness.
Sunlight shines through the rim of a baby’s nostril.
Airports murmur the secret all governments fear: there aren’t nations, only people.

Now, when you notice these things, there’s someone else there with you.

Noticing used to happen without you noticing it:
A girl’s nude armpit like an opal,
The sea’s look of marbled meat,
A bare winter tree like a cross-sectioned lung.
You woke up, noticed, went to bed dumbly enriched.

Now, when you notice these things, there’s someone else there with you.

In the kitchen, after an evening in separate conversations,
You put your hands on your wife’s midriff – and there she is again,
All that you’d forgotten.
Desire learns cunning or dies.

Now, when you notice her, there’s someone else there with you.

Awake before suburban dawn you master self-ridicule and step
Barefoot onto the lawn’s frost, because after all you can.
And there’s frost revealed: an old patient god
Fragilely attempting an impossible reclamation.

You notice this, but there’s someone else there with you.

You can’t, quite, meet his eye, this companion who showed-up sometime after wisdom teeth or original sin.
But you begin to see your mistake:
Noticing isn’t a gift, a grace, a dispensation, but
Comes at a price, demands exchange,
And as his peripheral smile reminds,

text - Glen Duncan
image - Catherine Anyango


paulo said...

Have just downloaded this, after just listening to Love At The Death Hotel, and was a bit confused at first hearing the same tune! Like it. Although the 'wife's midriff' paragraph seems to be missing from this song?

& also just spotted the V&A performance you have coming up in London in December. Sounds interesting!

clerkenwell kid said...

well, 'Noticed' paulo

yes, this song has a whole history of evolution

V and A in December, but other London dates in September - and come to the Antique Beat launch on 27th August. Details soon

paulo said...

Ooh, some proper trtw gigs would be good! Feels like ages since your last London gig that we saw you guys- White Mischief? Yonks ago anyway! Be sure to announce any details on myspace so that it doesn't slip my eyes, thanks!