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Alex Budovsky, an all round good egg and the the man who, if he could, would cool Global Warming with the flapping of many birds' wings, has been hanging out with Big Bird himself and hatched this flight of fancy. I accompanied them although my musical contribution is, er, rather featherweight.

I remember being a child and watching the birds collect on the telephone wires, gathering themselves before they just mysteriously decided one day it was time to leave. I'm off to the Orkneys now. I finished one record (and also, a second with a certain Mr Valentine Rose). It was an intense couple of years - birth and death and all sorts of things between and I am happy to have been here. I feel like I'm done with something but I don't know what it was and I don't yet know what's next.


Anonymous said...

ha...ha..ha...oh the joy! what i wouldnt give to hang with big bird. i owe that sesame street so much. my name...for a start.

enjoy the orkneys dear boy. i hope you become one with the land, gaze at a few birds and all sorts of lovely stuff.

knowing what comes next would spoil the fun.


kat said...

i can totally imagine you on sesame street singing a tune with big bird though no elmo please