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This is from a friend's apartment in an old, tall, granite mansion block on a hill in Edinburgh. Last night we played with the Berlin Cabaret goddess Ute Lemper in the beautiful Usher Hall. Proper grown up stuff. Perhaps not our best show but Ute was extremely nice when I burst into her dressing room and fell over by accident. A romantic friend from the past turned up too - reviving certain memories and causing some interesting reflections - that was nice, if rather strange.

Another friend found and sent this funny thing from somewhere on the web. It features an half old forgotten track used without permission - I suppose I should have been outraged and complained or something but I liked it so much I couldn't be bothered. Nice one Nev.

More films, music and a new website soon.


Anonymous said...

ya know...i sort of like the idea of you falling over. dont really know why. just seems like it would be fun to see. i mean that in a nice way. its just...well...i bet you dont fall over much and for those of us who fall over often...the change can be pleasant. dapper man down.
i can see how you couldnt really be outraged. very cute. of course...the music helps.

i bet the show was great.

Jandi said...

I just saw a blurb on aol (in the US) about one of the real tuesday weld's songs in the tribeca? Awesome! Congratulations.

clerkenwell kid said...


you always say the nicest things

i fall over more than you may think - especially when confronted by six foot blonde bombshell, berlin cabaret star, actor, model intellectual types..

clerkenwell kid said...


thanks. was that the yahoo thing?

Anonymous said...

yeah....i'm known for my tact and kindness. (insert eye roll here)

from the sounds of her...most men would fall over and then piss themselves. you got off easy. hell, she might make me fall over. does she have that nifty dietrich accent? i love that.

if i were to see you fall over...i promise i wouldnt point and laugh. well...i might laugh.

Jandi said... I want to say it was on AOL. Unless this causes some copyright infringement issues then right, right Yahoo...that's what I meant. Hey what to do you think about Ewan Mcgregor and Daniel Craig getting the lead for I, Lucifer? You're the one that introduced into that little literary masterpiece, did I thank you yet? Thanks.

clerkenwell kid said...

i'm not sure daniel craig is on board any more - too bad - but he's too famous..still waiting to hear about his replacement

Hakob G. said...

I love your works! Awesome!
My mom too, loves your works! :)

D.eirdre said...

Hi, sorry to bother you on your blog, but the email I sent was undeliverable. I wanted to speak to you regarding the DVD that I ordered, please drop me a line dohlwein(at)gmail, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Coates,
I have recently gotten to know your music, and I love it.
Could you please tell me the name of the vocalist on "Bruises"? I got the album on iTunes but cannot find that info anywhere.

clerkenwell kid said...


it's Mara Carlyle

神代 魅 said...

偶亲爱的The Real Tuesday Weld

clerkenwell kid said...

thanks dude. same to you

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Clerkenwell kid,
Thank you for that. Her own musical style might not be my favorite but her voice is so nice it kind of transcends the music anyway. The music on "Bruises" is so minimal and so her voice really shines through (and of course the words are lovely and the song is movingly, painfully perfect)

神代 魅 said...

since you have talked to me

i am too exciting to sleep*^_^*

♡♡♡...give you two songs
i like it

Scott said...


Somewhat of a 'better-late-than-never' comment this, but I thought I should let you know that I was at the gig with Ute Lemper.

I have to say that I thought you guys were fantastic. I hadn't heard you before and was (to use a phrase from I try not to use) 'blown away!'

Would love to see you again if you are ever back up in Scotland.

clerkenwell kid said...

love to scott

Laclos said...

I sat in front of you guys when you came in to listen to Ute Lemper perform. As I recall someone said "I'm out of here" and you all quickly left again. Ho Ho.
But then again the Usher hall seats are not up to much and you were all squeezed in a bit.
Thanks for a great show - I went to buy your CD a few days later.

clerkenwell kid said...

thanks lacios - i'm glad you enjoyed it. Me too. it was rather a squeeze though and I, at least, was rather worse for wear..

Toby Lloyd said...

I found a weird (and not a little entertaining) video on youtube last year of some cuckoos going bonkers in London and, following all the right links, managed to bookmark your blog. Since then I keep coming back for more!

Keep up the good work dude, lovin' it.... now if you could just order in some more CD's for your shop because I can't seem to download The Real Tuesday Weld etc - not even illegally!

clerkenwell kid said...

Not even ILLEGALLY Toby?
Surely some mistake.. I could probably show you where but, if you e-mail
she will try and help - and legally too

PS working on a sequel to the cuckoo thing right now..

Zach said...

I had the good fortune and planning knack to be able to see Mr. Coates and a merry band of friends and performers at the Zetter last Friday but one (the 1st June) and I can only say that every expectation I had of it to be plain old "amazing" and "entertaining" was completely and utterly hyperbolised. Amazing doesn't even cover the fun I had. I even managed to bring a friend along who enjoyed it just as much. Thanks to Stephen for keeping us posted on the next album while we were there, and for being (as ever) polite and friendly with two evidently rather tipsy fans (I blame the cocktail menu - it was just so inviting!).

I was equally entranced by the beautiful ukulele soloing, graphological magic and the astoundingly entertaining storytelling that accompanied Stephen's own musicraftery genius. Unfortunately, I have entirely forgotten said storyteller's name, and would be very interested in finding out more about him - any information would be more than welcome.

To close, I will simply say how much I enjoyed (as ever) the ingenuity and originality that Mr. Coates has come to represent.

Your ever-avid listener,

(and I'm sure Oli would agree, were he here)

P.S. I recently found out that the Bath to Clerkenwell train tickets would have been 15 pounds cheaper if we had only come an hour earlier - rotten luck, eh?

Stephen said...

zach - you were tipsy? well, i never..
the soryteller was giles abott:

i hope you had your handwriting analysed - there was a graphologist in the little room under the stairs - found out some very interesting things about myself..

but thanks for coming - i appreciate the effort and the expense - will keep you posted about the next..

best wishes