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It seems that there are birds all around these days. There's all this stuff with Alex and Big Bird going on (and you really should see what he's working on now..). Then, a couple of weeks ago, we picked up a new blackbird from the Taxidermist. My friend Lou found him dead in her garden and now he is sitting in a little glass case in the library looking very happy. On top of that, I just came back from the Orkneys in the far North where I briefly joined the ranks of those strange folk called 'Twitchers'. I had the great pleasure, amongst other things, to see several unusual and beautiful winged things and the absolutely extraordinary sight of an Arctic Skua flying backwards. I kid you not.

When we were children, there used to be little fat men in Trafalgar square selling packets of seed. Tourists would buy them to feed to the pigeons who would flock around in grey thousands much to their mutual delight. Of course the grey would soon turn to white - to the great chagrin of Westminster Council and the more long term residents - and so the Mayor banned them (the little fat men, not the pigeons). Rather a shame I've always thought.

Anyway it's a great pleasure to bring you this twist on the theme of man feeds bird by our new friend Tina Roland. Lovely!

As I write, there is someone looking over my shoulder. An old friend who I thought long gone has unexpectedly re-entered my life and I have a foreboding that things are about to change..


Anonymous said...

Waw! I love stop motion!

Big bird sends its regards.

Uncle Al

Anonymous said...

HA HA...fucking great! i think i love tina.

should i tell you to say HELLO ta mr. rose? hmmm......

should i tell uncle al to say HELLO ta big bird? he did teach me to read. big bird...not uncle al.

janelle (my sesame street name)

clerkenwell kid said...

oh yes, al and big bird are getting a little love nest together..

Stella Polaris said...

Been a while since I last commented here (hopefully I haven't been entirely forgotten), seems like words fail me whenever I try to find something smart to say to your bloggings. I should be in bed by now, but I just felt like I should finally write here and thank TRTW for all the amazing art you guys do. I've been having a rough time lately, and your music has certainly cheered me up in a strangely melancholic way. So thank you for that :)

I hope the band's having a nice summer - despite all the shit that's been going on in London lately.

I also read that Mr Valentine has showed up again. Can't wait to hear about his adventures. I think we could all do with a story or few from him during this time of attempts at international intimidation...

I'm hoping to come to London this Autumn (again), and hopefulyl this time I'll be able to catch you playing somewhere!

Love, Stella.

clerkenwell kid said...

Hey Stella

Welcome home. Summer goes faster and faster these days. But regarding autumn , there is a regular Clerkenwell Kid evening at the Zetter - Glen is usually there too if you are around and fancy it

And yes Mr Rose is back too. A secret will be revealed soon..

kat said...

oh this one caught us so by surprise! i've made all my friends watch it!

Anonymous said...

I think this is the blog site for the band the real tuesday weld. If so - listen here buddy: I just told my friend that your song L'Amour et la Morte is awesome, and now I'm feeling quite the fool for not being able to find it on the internet. It used to be available for free download on Audiogalaxy. No longer. I'd buy your CD but it's nowhere to be found in the stores in my hometown of Perth, Western Australia. Not that I've looked hard. Point being, I want to hear that song, I'll never hear it on the radio, I'm not gonna spend $2000 importing it just to hear it and prove the point that it's awesome. I really really really really want to hear it now. or ASAP. therefore, please make it available on your website. I got here from the Tuesday Weld site so if this isn't Tuesday Weld's blog apologies. If it is - get cracking.

clerkenwell kid said...

hey kat!

clerkenwell kid said...

dear anon

go to the main site
go to the music page
ther eyou go, three down
click to play

LC Greenwood said...

Feed the birds... tuppence a bag....

Anonymous said...'s hoping..

an old friend