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I am slightly ashamed to confess that I only saw the film Cabaret for the first time about three years ago.  I had always been put off by the theme song 'Life is a Cabaret' - a staple of of bad end-of-the-evening karaoke sessions and sad end-of-the-pier crooners.  Once seen however, never forgotten.  The music, the lyrics, the routines, the acting and the clothes are all genius of course but also there is the sadness and the sense of impending doom. Plus there is monkey song scene "If you could see her through my eyes" which simultaneously manages to articulate a very poignant expression of true love  - and be one of the funniest routines ever committed to film.  
It was a great pleasure to DJ before the showing of the film on Thursday at the beautiful Somerset House.  How often is it possible to play Kurt Veil, Tom Waits, Berthold Brecht and Lotte Lenya and get away with it never mind be egged on?  
I am now looking for a knitted pattern tanktop so I can be as elegant as Michael York.  In an ideal universe I suppose I would be a combination of him and Joel Grey whose turn as the MC of the Kit Kat club is simply jaw dropping.  
This film beat The Godfather to the Oscar.



Tamsin said...

I'm afraid it is near impossible to be as elegant as Michael York in a knitted tank top, but should you attempt it, please do keep us pictorially updated.

Sounds like a great set and a fantastic night, gutted I couldn't make it.

Daria said...

That looks so cool!
Outdoor films are a gas.
Should be a regular thing, though i'm guessing it's much easier to do weather-wise in California than in London.

spillyjane said...

Knitted tank top, eh..? We should definitely talk.

On a related note, I should have a completely knitted Clerkenwell sock to show you soon.

clerkenwell kid said...

Now they may come in handy in St Petersburg!

spillyjane said...

Indeed! Let me know if I could interest you in a pair or two.

Though of course, a visual might be nice (and will be coming soon,) but for now you'll just have to picture socks the colour of the River Fleet wrapped around your toes. Clocks, crosses and water flowing underground are also elegantly implied by the design.

clerkenwell kid said...

Definately. They sound wonderful Jane - Looking forward to seeing!

spillyjane said...

Glad to hear that you like the sound of the socks. I'll get to work.

I've also plans for I, Lucifer socks as well -- vintage-inspired gentlemen's ribbed stockings in black wool/silk with a discreet scarlet pitchfork motif just below the cuff.

Anonymous said...

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