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Cabaret and Cabaret is one of my favourite films so I am pleased to be DJ ing before the outdoor showing at the very wonderful Somerset House on the north bank of the Thames this Thursday evening from 7.30pm

Glad rags and cushions (but hopefully not umberellas) advised..


spillyjane said...

Now that sounds like a perfectly wonderful evening! But alas, I'm on the wrong side of the ocean.

spillyjane said...

I happened upon this installation online once again this morning and I thought that you might like to have a peek into its little world(s.)

clerkenwell kid said...

Lovely stuff Jane - Thanks. Very interesting too - especially the crow asleep. Reminded me of what Punchdrunk dohe

spillyjane said...

I thought you might like it. I'm quite taken with the sleepy little crow. Also, the way the wee lights in the lanterns cause the models to cast shadows is utterly enchanting.

The piece does have a lot in common with a Punchdrunk production...which sounds like a remarkable experience. I appreciate a good blurring of the lines now and then.