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... is a smallish area, packed solid with the tiny graves and loving memorials of countless canine 'dearly beloved'. It goes a long way to prove to foreign visitors that everything they've heard about the English and their dogs is quite true.

Meanwhile, a friend tells me that more than half of the population of the Great Britain's cats are alive here in London.


darrenabi said...

HI Stephen.

Lovely to read about death, as ever. Thank you.

If you need a funeral service at anytime, please consider mine - out of the box - - I can give you mate's rates.


clerkenwell kid said...

Ha Ha Darren

I was actually planning on sticking around a while longer yet - but thanks for the offer

Very nice too

Daria said...

That's odd.
I am surprised about how very FEW felines i see when i visit.
Maybe because they sense me and hide.

They know i'll touch 'em...

I must remember to visit there next time.

clerkenwell kid said...

You should remember also that you are never more than ten feet from a rat here.

Particularly in the financial district.