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When I first met Theodore Tyburn and asked his address, he gave it me - 23 to 24 Leinster Square, London W10. When he didn't respond to my letters, I stopped by one day to see if he was in. The house, an elegant period mid-terrace home, was the sort perhaps once lived in by a merchant family and probably now sub-divided into little expensive apartments like its neighbours.

There was no response to my knock - and the windows were screened so it was impossible to peer within. Curious, I went around to the street behind to see if I could see anything more. I was startled, shocked even, to discover that from the back the house was revealed to be nothing more than paper thin - a mere facade disguising a huge ventilation shaft over the Hammersmith and city line.

How many letter have been posted there
Only to fall, like mine,
Into London dead air?


Tamsin said...

Wow, fascinating. I wonder how old it is? Seems quite a few people have found it interesting, there are a some photos of the facade on Google Maps street view.

Martijn said...

And yet through his, I'd would say elaborate, joke you have found this magnificent little oddity. It's wonderful to these things still exist in a town so old yet so forced into modernisation.

clerkenwell kid said...

London is full of anomalies and anachronisms.

There are small cracks everywhere -some of which lead to the most extraordinary of places