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Here is Hans Richter's 1927 Short Surrealist masterpiece: "Ghosts Before Breakfast" re-scored.

The film initially had a soundtrack which was lost when the original print was destroyed by the Nazi's as 'degenerate art'.

This music - with Jacques Van Rhijn on clarinet, Don Brosnan on bass, Jed Woodhouse on drums, Clive Painter on guitar - was recorded at Clive's studio prior to the sessions for our re-score of Richter's full length magnum opus: "Dream That Money Can Buy" with which this amazing little film shares much. We later used some of it in the Nightingales in the Wasteland podcast but it has never had a proper airing.

The sun was streaming through the big windows and Jacques was on red hot form - quite blissed out I think.
A happy time.

Thanks to Bryan for finding the footage.


Michael S. said...

When I hear this music in the "Dream That Money Can Buy" podcast, I've got rather an impressionist feeling. The surrealist movie fit it great as well, I think.
In any event, Stephen, your music is so vivid and lively that it alone triggers clear visual interpretations.

clerkenwell kid said...

thankyou michael

i really love the surrealists time - kind of captures that strange place between reason and emotion and dream and waking, humour and darkness.

Anonymous said...

So much of that film reminds me of the dream sequences in The Science of Sleep.

Cygnus said...

The flying hats are so enchanting/amusing.