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The very talented Clive Painter made this beautiful montaged collage for the song 'Dorothy Parker Blue' (on which he also plays the guitar) as part of the project "Propaganda from the State of Love' we created last year for the Victoria and Albert museum.

It reminds me somewhat of the time we did a radio show with Jane Birkin in Paris. We were discussing Dorothy Parker and dreams and the way that literature can really wake you up when you are young. I grew up in a funny house in a strange little place at a peculiar time and the worlds described by DP seemed impossibly glamorous and far away - yet inspiring enough to be worth reaching for nevertheless.

Even though she became quite a tragic character, washed up and beached on a sea of martini and bad love, she seemed to remain insightful and self aware to the end. Now and again, I still enjoy reading her stories - even though, sadly, I've had to give up the martinis myself.


Anonymous said...

This is perfect for that song. Where did he find the footage?

clerkenwell kid said...

I think in the old archives.

Rochelle said...

I am so happy to see this again, It's just perfect. He did a great job putting it together.