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Last year Yuliya - another ex-patriat Russian friend living in Brooklyn -asked me if I would write something for her graduation animation about the old theme park at Brighton Beach. I did and here it is - a wonderfully strange creation don't you think?

I heard that the theme park is gone or going or being re-developed into blandness. Inevitable I guess- but it still seems a shame.


heather said...

The animation reminded me of my favorite sequence in 'The Adventures of Baron Munchausen', when they first arrive on the moon. All the building facades pop up and start moving around, with the surreal image of the ship sailing past them. I love that movie...
Anyway, very nice work on the music! Suited the animation well. And speaking of the animation, it was quite impressive! Fantastic 3D work.

Michael Schreiber said...

so dizzy! the marry-go-round looks like a crowd of people you are passing through. thanks!

clerkenwell kid said...

yes, it's spooky. it would be wonderful to weave this charcters into a tale no?

Michael S. said...

Absolutely! The very film is like a short story.
By the way, I wanted to say, that I've never heard anything like the podcasts you post on your site. It's totally amazing! Thank you for it, dear Mr.Coates!
I am never tired of listening to these wonderful stories, you tell and the beautiful music that mix into a magical novel.
I look forward to listening to new podcast, are you planning to record ones?
Truly yours.
Michael S.

clerkenwell kid said...

thanks michael.

yes there will be more to come - the 'loved', 'dreamt', died' issues to follow 'born' for 'the london book of the dead ' series are in waiting.

I'm also in the process of preparing eight episodes of a series on the cold war for resonance radio.

i've been working on film music for the last six months or so - and just about to come out of my shell again.

Michael S. said...

Oh, thanks for the answer.
Hope to hear them soon!

amanda said...

I came across The Real Tuesday Weld while doing a paper on I, Lucifer and I want to say thank you for all the magic! You have a very happy and ardent fan in Singapore. All the best in everything, and thank you for being one of the most amazing things I've stumbled upon in a long time!