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A couple of years ago I had a very strong dream about being on the South Bank of the River Thames in a kind of glade of trees - a landscape as it probably would have been before the city existed. Across the water came floating a kind of barge and on it were a family of half human - half horse-like creatures. They disembarked and I watched them for a while before we engaged in some sort of communication. They told me something important or imparted some kind of wisdom which of course on waking I couldn't quite recall. The dream itself continued in a strange and fairy tale sort of way and it inspired some music I later wrote called 'Epitaph for a Dream'.

Then I kind of forgot all about it until, with the strangeness of things, during some research, I recently came across a wonderful animation from 1921 by the American Winsor McCay in an archive. Surprise, surprise I thought I recognised the dream there.

Did I see it as a child and just forget?
Is it is a well-known myth?
Is it an unconcious archetype?
"What does it all mean Steerpike?"

I've no idea - but anyway, here are both.


Heather said...

I don't know why, but I've always found centaurs quite creepy - maybe cause they technically have two chests? Six legs/arms? I dunno. Interesting dream anyway.
But speaking of finding strange old videos... I was watching an old Robert Palmer video on YouTube and I happened to see a familiar face. With familiar glasses. Could this, perhaps, be you?
I swear, it has to be you... right down to the same fantastic glasses... do you have a time machine or something? If so, please go back and destroy that sparkly shirt before anyone has a chance to create it. I'm sure history will thank you. :)
(Here's the original video)

Anonymous said...

Waw! So, you were dreaming animation not only before we met, but even before you actually saw it:)))
Or, may be, your mind just reached the storage where all the animated films are kept, the once that were already done, and the once that are yet to be made:))


clerkenwell kid said...

Yes - yo should what's still in there.
Er, or maybe, not!

clerkenwell kid said...

Ha Ha! Heather. Very droll. I simply can't see what you mean..

Wish it was Robert Palmer though.

Still, I used to get compared to a British TV presenter - Mariella Frostrup..

Heather said...

Hehe, maybe it was just the glasses; it is scary how similar they look. At least, they do to me anyway. Or maybe it was wishful thinking, since I'm overly jealous of them and want a pair for myself. They look somewhat like a set of vintage 40's Swiss aviator goggles I have, but I think yours are cooler than mine. :)
Now if only I could remember how I ended up watching Robert Palmer videos on YouTube in the first place... it's so easy to get distracted on the Internet. Ah well, as least it made you laugh!

Heather said...

Ha! I just looked up Mariella Frostrup! I don't know, Stephen, I think she might look a bit better in a dress than you would... sorry! :)

Emma said...

Great - music and animation. I like the bit where the tiny centaur is explaining something using all 6 limbs. Think I've had that dream.

Leane said...

Well said.

HorseLuver said...

Wow....superb animation & music..I looked up Mariella Frostrup!

Cygnus said...

Something dawned on me today.

Do you think the dream had anything to do with the fact that you're a Sagittarius (or vice versa?)

I'm an astrology/paranormal/mythology nut, so I think about this stuff a lot.

Also, I wonder if centaurs have two hearts, since Heather pointed out that they have what appears to be two chests. o_O