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The Real Queen's Speech

To all my friends: I have been dreaming of you in the depths of this Scottish castle and so with tape and an old gramophone, some wires and a transmitter, I am broadcasting out a signal to greet you through the ether. I hope you can hear me ... and, I hope we meet again - someday, somewhere, soon....
with love
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Anonymous said...



schmazz said...

are you really a Queen?
And are you really a father?
Lots of Love,

clerkenwell kid said...

nell - festive felicitations to you sir, festive felicitations..

schmazz - almost anything's possible these days isn't it? - er,ok, I mean, only kidding, only kidding....

nell said...

festive felicitations to you my dear fellow!
sir, lady, queen, father, auntie, mother....words we made up with definitions we provided. best not to get overly attached to them. words...i mean.


paulo said...

Ooh ta, just makes me want to hear full new songs/albums even more.
Even inspired/reminded me to check IMDB for any I, Lucifer film updates, but nothing yet.
Here's hoping for a Weld-tastic 2007.

clerkenwell kid said...

quite right nell - i'm hoping to be an auntie soon.

paulo - they are saying theay are going to start shooting the film summer 2007 - but we'll believe it when we see it.

some london shows coming soon - more details shortly. the albums will be done by the end of january I trust...

nell said...

if you could arrange to have a london gig between may 7th-11th (slaughtered lamb maybe?)....the music monkey and i would build a real tuesday weld shrine. we are serious. incense would be offered up daily. animal sacrifices....just cant get behind that sort of thing. monkey would fling poo for sure.

i'm trying to figure out how to get to be a grandfather.

clerkenwell kid said...


I shall let you know for sure - I'm playing the Conway hall on 13 April

maybe something in May - at the Zetter - that would be nice

I'm not sure about the monkey poo tho..

Stella Polaris said...

Mm, beautiful. Someday soon has always touched me, so this new version of it is just lovely in my ears.
It was also nice to gear Mr Duncan reading. Such a rare treat!

Sad to hear you've fallen out of touch with Valentine, I rather miss his adventures.

I'm still sort of annoyed that I had to miss your gig in october, but since I'm such a London addict, I might come back next summer. Although I'm suffering from some intense Wanderlust and there are so many places in the world... and so little time. Not to mention money.

clerkenwell kid said...

i have an interesting interview with mr d - i will post it soon

paulo said...

Ooh, and a gig at the Zetter Bar on 9th February? So it says on your Myspace anyhow. Looking forward to more details on that to hear some more live TRTW.
& the Conway Hall gig- is that as a support to someone? Fairly biggish place (well, for what I'm used to going to), quite nice too.

Hurrah for album being hopefully finished shortly. Really looking forward to them.

clerkenwell kid said...


the zetter is a dj set - not a gig but conway hall will be with full effect.....

paulo said...

Cool, ta for the info!