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Coming Home

We're leaving for Russia tommorow - to play in Moscow and St Petersburg courtesy of the delightful Serezha from the equally delightful Bad taste Records (the Russian home of our friends the Tiger Lillies). I had bought a new (fake) fur hat in preparation but was dismayed to hear that it's actually very warm in St Petersburg at the moment. We are very much looking forward to the trip despite that disappointment.

Then we shall come home.

Speaking of which, if you click on the 'Coming Home' title above you will be connected to a remarkable piece on the subject by my friend and colleague, the all round musical polymath Clive Painter. Clive, as you may know, has lent his wonderful abilities in various capacities to The Real Tuesday Weld over the last few years - whether it be studio wizardy, his beautiful evocative guitar playing or hosting our many recording and rehearsal sessions at his strange rambling house. We produced 'Dreams that Money can Buy' there over several months of laborious needlecraft.

Anyway, this lovely piece is by him in the guise of Wolf. He has also released many records with Martine Roberts as 'Broken Dog' - a long time favourite of the late great John Peel. It features Cibelle, Tracy Lee Jackson, David Piper, Glen Duncan and yours truly amongst others

Enjoy and love him


nell said...


thank you for that...and love him i shall. i hope the trip is wonderful and you all enjoy yourselves.

cheers and much love,

Stella Polaris said...

Mm, Russia has its bright sides. If you have a chance, please go and visit the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg. I haven't been there, but jugding from the pictures it's some amazing Baroque and rococo architecture.

I'm looking forward to reading Glen Duncan's newest novel. I'll probably buy it from London, if I can find it, with Neil Gaiman's new "Fragile Things".

I hope you have a nice and safe trip, and I hope to see you in London, although I still haven't a clue whether I can afford the tickets or not. *weeps*

Cibelle said...

ohhhh kid kid kid! i'll be in russia after you've left.... awwww life is so sad!

Stella Polaris said...

By the way, that song - Home Wolf - sounds like something that could be in an advertisement...I can't explaing it, and it's not a bad thing in my mind, but something about it reminds me of some commercial, I just don't remember which.

paulo said...

Really love the Clive Painter tune/piece. Listened to it twice in a row just now, sounds rather lovely. Thanks.

clerkenwell kid said...

thanks nell - we intend to

and thanks for the tip Stella. glen's ne wbook is very very good - ok I'm biased but I don't care

yes I'm sorry about the show's cost - I will see if we can get some tickets for a competition or something

clerkenwell kid said...

now ms cibelle I heard that too - there really is no justice

but you keep warm - the temperature is falling I believe - lucky you

I am looking forward to Bath - warm or cold!

nell said...

are those little elephants on your umbrella? umbrellaphants?


clerkenwell kid said...

umberellaphants? sounds like you got a great kids tv series there.....

that umberella is by Jim Avignon (who did the jukebox song)

nell said...

a plucky little elephant learns lifes lessons with a stick up its...wait...nevermind.