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Already December is upon us. The London leaves have fallen, there are cool blue skies over the city and the lights are twinkling along the river.  That means only one thing: the annual The Real Tuesday Weld Audio Christmas card has arrived at Antique Beat's pop-up Christmas shop somewhere in Clerkenwell.  And it looks beautiful. And it is long. And there are two versions: Red Wolf Country and Blue Wolf City.

As ever, it contains new or unreleased music from the past year. The crazy gypsy electro-swing foot tapper "Spring Heeled Jane" features the most stylish DJ duo in the world The Broken Hearts.  Josephine Lloyd and the band perform a heart-stopping version of "Torched Song"  (originally written for the LA Noire soundtrack) whilst a demo version of a new song "Black Bird Day" (soon to appear on Arctic Circle's forthcoming incredible Age of Not Believing project) brings a haunting fairytale atmosphere to the proceedings.  "Snowball" and "Last Light" bookend the mini-album with crackly old meets new sounds suitably coloured to the winter season (well, if you are in the Northern hemisphere that is).

Antique Beat have been doing these for a few years now.  They made them available for sale and for personalisation four years ago. It's nice to see they have become collector's items.  I think you can even still buy some of the previous ones if you haven't already.

They have also commissioned an absolutely gorgeous new set of brooches for shy men (also reluctantly made available to confident girls)  - more on them and on Christmas and on dreams soon.

Thursday is the first of our Salons for the City at Westminster Arts Library.  If you are coming, I look forward to seeing you there. Gin and seventeenth century coffee will be served. We have had a fabulous response with so many people wanting to come and talk. Future events include "London Over, London Under". "London before London, London after London", " Dying in London", "London by Night" and so on and so on.  We already have a fabulous selection of speakers and are hoping to announce some VERY special guests soon.  You heard it all here.

Happy Howlidays
THE REAL TUESDAY WELD Seasons Dreamings 2012 preview by The Real Tuesday Weld


Spilly Jane said...

Can't wait for this - I heartily approve of the name of track 3.

clerkenwell kid said...

Hah - I wouldn't try knitting to that one though Jane..

darrenabi said...

Marvellousness! More great songs parachuting from the moon.

In return I offer my own Christmas song, set in Hackney / Mount Olympus. Do enjoy.

And thanks again Mr Kid, for broadcasting the soundtrack to the most civilised moments my life.

clerkenwell kid said...

NIce work Darren - love the piratical menace mixing with cosmological speculativeness

darrenabi said...

Let me know if you ever come across any menacing speculative piratical producers for such roaring and yawping.

If not, I leave you with heartfelt thanks for the encouraging review Stephen, and eerie wishes for a criminal carnival of Christmas joy.

clerkenwell kid said...

Always a pleasure

paulo said...

Looking forward to the new Christmas ep making its way in the post. In a fit of whimsy I've also just decided to purchase that new set of brooches. Is the Tallula ep still going to emerge?

Also, Stephen, have you seen this site?:

It's slowly going through and posting about lots of strange/interesting/quirky things from a variety of the London Underground stations. The most recent one is about a lost river going over Sloane Square station, which obviously made me think of you!

clerkenwell kid said...

Hey Paul
I misread that as 'in a fit of whisky'
And I was thinking 'whatever it takes.."

The creature comfort brooches are very cool. I'd be interested to know which one you like best.

Tallulah EP: Yes, it will be out on Crammed and SIx Degrees in the new year. Can;t remember why it has been held up. Oh yes we had to postpone our New York shows.

They are doing it it digital only but AB will make a little physical promo we will send you if you like.

Thanks for the LU tip - I know that pipe!
Do you know about our London Salons? You must come next time. Last week's was fabulous

paulo said...

Ooh, a physical promo would be lovely, thanks!

I was at another gig on the evening of your salon thing unfortunately, but will definitely try and come along next time it's on (January?) if I'm free.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing...

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