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The Crime Jazz Unit published its final bulletin today - the 26th installment in an epic series mixing some of the best noir and exotica sounds with a role call of law-abiding and law-breaking characters interviewed by the mysterious detective to 'provide a Soundtrack to the wrong doings against society' . It also included:

- Tips on how to commit a perfect crime or how to get on in prison should things go screwy
- The Texas Death Row weekly spotlight, highlighting last words and last meals
- Stupid laws and crimes
- Death Row recipes and much more

You can listen to it here - along with the other criminally good episodes. I am pleased to note that the very final song is a version of The Real Tuesday Weld's "Torched Song" with an arresting vocal by GG McEwan who served a short sentence with the band before managing to escape to freedom.

And here you can watch it to a selection from  Gustav Machaty's 1933 masterpiece "Ectsasy" for which I believe the band are now planning an alternative soundtrack.  It was made and set in the days when the smoking ban was just a distant joke and starred the incredibly luminous Hedy Lamarr who still has the power to heat us all up after all this time don't you think?


Spilly Jane said...

GG's performance is postively criminal and is definitely not helping the already torrid conditions up here in my studio!

Though I must admit that I would very much like to hear you take a stab at that one yourself...

Am very excited for this next alternate soundtrack - no one does them like TRTW!

clerkenwell kid said...

Yes she was smoking'..