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I think I mentioned here that Waterloo Bridge was known as "The Bridge of Sighs" - mainly because of the many suicides that jumped from it in the 19th century. But also that that name suits its function as a romantic assignation point for lovers. And of course in a kind of psycho-geographical loop it helps foster the very things it has become associated with.

It is no surprise then that Don Brosnan's film "The Dream of a Snail" for The Real Tuesday Weld track "You're Going to Live", which was shot there, combines high romance and potentially suicidal action. Don made the film aided and abetted by GG McEwan at some considerable expense and risk as you will see. So prepare to be moved, amazed and amused by this "slow-motion rom-com road movie"..


Spilly Jane said...

That is the absolute sweetest thing I've seen in a long time - love those eyestalks!

The road scens reminded me a bit of the ancient video game 'Frogger...'

And the part when they go for a pint? I NEARLY DIED.

Jack said...

Great video, great song. But please, stop spreading beautiful songs that I don´t know how to get!

Empress Cixi said...

Aaaaah... Don Brosnan ! Don Brosnan Welles !
He wanted to make us feel this high passion between Mister & Madam Snail by showing us a purple kiss so lovely... sticky.
Don Brosnan Welles can recognize these stuffs as he's certainly a great kisser, and as he gets the power to speak to animals : Snails, Bunnys...
He is stunning. He's a TRTW member, right ! ^^
But behind the romantic face, Don Brosnan Welles gets a dark side : why did he try to kill Mister Snail on the road !!! Naughty oh Naughty Don Brosnan Welles.
To make sure he's not criminally insane, it needs to check the making of : if he was laughing while Mister Snail was in danger on the road.... ho ho !
GG McEwan is the witness.

clerkenwell kid said...

Don Brosnan Welles?

He will like that - although he thinks of himself more like David Lynch of course - and we think of him as Woody Allen.

No snails were harmed - promise. They led a long a fruitful life

Empress Cixi said...

Ah, he is not naughty finally ;)
Yes, i've thought he gets a little something of Orson Welles, and i love to pronounce "Don Brosnan Welles", it sounds good.
Don Brosnan Lynch (weird with "iii")
Don Brosnan Allen (too long).
But that's true : he also gets a little something of Lynch, maybe more than Orson Welles.
With his hair, his face expressions, he is tall with a good posture...
Don and you would be great in Twin Peaks ! really.

AM The Obscure said...

Love it but was very scared for the snails when they were in the middle of the road!

clerkenwell kid said...

Me too.