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I am very much looking forward to visiting the US next week with Glen Duncan for little shows in New York,  Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The shows are listed here. along with various others with The Real Tuesday Weld

Glen will be reading from The Last Werewolf and I will be performing some (stripped down) excerpts from the soundtrack to celebrate the release of the  US hardback and the album which will be released digitally everywhere on July 12th.

A very special edition of the album with written pieces by Glen, artwork by Catherine Anyango and exclusive tracks will be released by Crammed discs in Europe in October.

It has been a while since Glen and I did any live stuff together - not since the days of I Lucifer actually - but we do hang out and talk bollocks fairly frequently.  He is a very good reader, particularly of his own work,  so do I hope you get chance to hear him.

We are also looking forward very much to going to Disneyland with friends in LA. It has been a long held ambition of mine to get a squeeze from Donald Duck.


Daria said...

If you don't hook up with Donald, let me know. I have a rather large, plush mallard that i could loan you for the day.
Just return him as you found him, that's all i ask.

clerkenwell kid said...

That is very very kind.
Will he help me get through Carmageddon?

Anonymous said...

It saddens me that Texas is not on your schedule.

Anonymous said...

I just pre-ordered the book and the CD, and I am *so* excited to get them. I would love to see you in San Francisco, but I don't know if I'll be able to swing it. I hope you have a lovely trip!

clerkenwell kid said...


You should know I am very keen to play all over. Just need the invite..

spillyjane said...

I hope you're prepared for some good old North American has been steamy here.

I have discovered this marvelous shampoo that smells of allspice and keeps the frizz to a minimum - a must in a climate like this!

liviu said...

I'd like to buy the album now but sadly Amazon is not available outside US. Is there any site to sell your album in mp3 format to anyone?

clerkenwell kid said...

Sure liviu you can get it from

Anonymous said...

I just got my package this morning. Both the album and the book (so far) are wonderful.

clerkenwell kid said...

that is very nice to hear

paulo said...

am coming up to the third listen of the album - enjoying it greatly! Me And Mr. Wolf still is pretty near perfect. Looking forward to the limited edition, which I'll have to get too.

Any info on the dj set thingum at Somerset House on 31st July? (timings/anything else happening too?). Not gone along to any of your dj sets before, but fancy some dancing!

clerkenwell kid said...

Nice to hear that Paul!

I am in SF and back to London this week.
The DJ set s before a showing of The Apartment in the courtyard - more for a lovely picnic than for bopping

Let me see about tix.

paulo said...

Thanks, have found The Apartment info on the Somerset House site now.

The Last Werewolf is still getting repeated listens - I think it's maybe only the fourth record this year that I have listened to on constant repeat (15+ listens now!). Always good when that happens.

Other songs I now love - Tear Us Apart (has that lovely Last Words sound/vibe to it)

Come Around is just so very beautiful.

& also much love for The Hunt and You're Going To Live, but it's all really good actually. Compliments the book brilliantly!

clerkenwell kid said...

Lovely to hear that. The book has entered the US indie book shop charts at number nine. Woo Hoo.