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I was in Moscow the other week for the Cardboardia festival which is organised by friends and which we are hoping to bring to London.  It is quite bonkers in a very creative utopian way.  A kind of cross between origami and Woodstock.

I really like going to Russia because of the wonderful people although this time, given the ensuing terrible events at Moscow airport, I was rather relieved to get out alive.

Ironically, I was there to DJ at a "Love Party" - a task I will be happily repeating this weekend for three Valentine's events in a row in the romantic grandeur of the ruins of Battersea Power Station.  I will be accompanied by those glamorous honey-traps The Bees Knees
It is called The Lost Lovers' Ball

Antique Beat will be sending out  a little Valentines present to friends on the list this week.  You can join here if you haven't already.
Then it's back to work on the next The Real Tuesday Weld album - a soundtrack to my good friend Glen Duncan's next novel "The Last Werewolf" which will be published in a few months by Canongate / Knopf and subsequently by various houses around the world.  Books haven't gone the way of albums - yet - but we will be defying convention as ever and making something you can actually hold in your hands and give to people you like.

I've always felt a little like the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz with his paper heart although of course mine is now made from Cardboard.

Happy Valentines to us all!


spillyjane said...

So many good things on the way! I am especially looking forward to the new Glen Duncan novel. I've heard that it comes pre-loaded with an entire tale on its pages and never, ever needs to be plugged in.

A remarkable device, to be sure!

clerkenwell kid said...

It absolutely does.
And yeah - what's with that fiddling with everything?!

Somethings have evolved to perfection right? - you just can't make 'em any better.

spillyjane said...

From where I'm sitting at present I can count...five cords/chargers and seven devices -- though the SLR camera and the jumpdrive shaped like William the (blue faience) Hippopotamus hardly count.

I will never, ever give in to eBooks or their eReaders. I just don't trust a book that doesn't smell of ink & paper.

spillyjane said...

I may be jumping the gun slightly, but do you have any live dates lined up for March? I would relish the opportunity to see you while I'm in London, though I fear the odds may be against me. Still hoping, though.

clerkenwell kid said...

Jane No official shows but I may be doing a little live event with Glen - will keep you posted. What are your dates?

spillyjane said...

I'll be turning up bright and early on Saturday 12 March and then leaving for Brussels on the morning of the 16th. Four days is a fairly small window, but fingers crossed.

paulo said...

Just come to say that I'm loving the Valentines song. About to start my fifth listen of it. repeatrepeatrepeat.

clerkenwell kid said...

Always a pleasure paul