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The Christmas lights on Oxford and Regent Street were lit back in November but that was just to try and push us consumers to get spending. Christmas only really felt like it had arrived this week when the snow started to fall on the city.  Lovely.

Thanks as ever for reading and responding - I see there are nearly a hundred of us and more looking quietly looking on - I like that.

There will be much more about Myth, Music, London, Love, Birth, Death, Dreams and Blood here next year.  Various personal circumstances prevented some of the releases we intended for this year but thank you for your patience.  2011 should see the release of the soundtrack to Glen Duncan's new novel 'The Last Werewolf',  an album of story and music "Tales of the Lost City" and an album by Lazarus Plane Crash I made with Joe Guillotine.  Phew.

In the meantime, best wishes to all.

Here is one more present from me and The Puppini Sisters.  Should get things kicking a bit


spillyjane said...

Such perfect timing on that snowfall -- it seems that your local weather deities had been watching their calendars as well.

Thank you for another year's worth of writings and musings. The best of the Season to you, too.

I look forward to all the good things that 2011 will bring, including my jaunt to London in March. It will be good to see the city again.

darrenabi said...

Thanks for all given Mr Kid. My ears are ever to the ground for your inimitable rhythmic footfalls.

cheever said...

You have no idea on how much you inspire me. I can't wait until the new releases. Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year

Caroline said...

Happy New Year Mr Kid!

Thanks for the great track! I look forward to hearing new stuff in 2011 and perhaps the added joy of getting to a live performance

spillyjane said...

A long, long time ago you had written about a William Blake walk and had mentioned something about posting the itinerary should anyone be interested. Well, consider me interested. If you have the time, that is...if not, it's ok.

clerkenwell kid said...

Hi Jane
Sorry, just got to this
I will post on Blake again soon with the little itinerary

spillyjane said...

Thanks -- looking forward to it!