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LOVE 2010

Here is Edison and those wonderful women re-made over the lead track from the new seasonal mini album 'Seasons Songs' by The Real Tuesday Weld. With that old Churchillian rascal Martyn Jacques from The Tiger Lilles, a sampling of the divine Marcella from The Puppini Sisters, dream diva Mara Carlyle, and that inveterate mischief maker Joe Coles, the six song cd comes as a beautiful limited edition greetings card.

You can send it to someone special (or even to yourself)

Find it here at  Antique Beat


spillyjane said...

Delightful, as usual. The very thing to get one through the 2010 holiday season.

Anonymous said...

I adore this video. She looks like a constantly blooming flower, it's beautiful.

Rochelle said...

Thanks for posting this! My boyfriend and I just pissed off our downstairs neighbor by dancing to it.

Also, thanks for plugging the Heart of Darkness book a while back. I got it as a gift for my closest friend, and he is writing a paper on it for one of his undergraduate comic classes.

clerkenwell kid said...

You're very welcome

And your neighbour too..