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The recording of the final Valentime's eve pre-apocalypse concert at The End of the World Club is finally released in Europe today through Antique Beat. As ever, it comes with beautiful artwork made by your friend Catherine Anyango - including a free Last Will and Testament form for you to fill in to mark the end of your own world (or that of a loved one) should you choose to do so.

It all comes wrapped up in a special black box containing other ephemera from my own collection so each one is different.

"Like shadows we are and like shadows depart"


spillyjane said...

Beautiful! Will definitely have to pick that up.

Sally said...

Oooooh, purchased.

I am not sure what I am looking forward to the most - your ephemera, the music or the artwork; although Intro is one of my fave tracks - so stylish.

No-one else seems to lay down such beautiful sounds.

Martijn said...

Purchased it as soon as I noticed the new blog post.

I am really looking forward to inheriting some of the Clerkenwell Kid his belongings, and of course the last will! The music will, of course not with doubt, be beautiful.

Martijn said...

I see you added the new images. They are quite wonderful, really.

P.S: I was not able to edit my previous comment due to it not being made with this account, therefore, my apologies for the double post!

Sally said...

Any photos of your Halloween DJ set at the Troxy, pleeeeease TCK, pretty pleeeease???

clerkenwell kid said...

Sally,you know I don't move very much when I DJ so there isn't much to photograph but here is something more organic from afterwards:

Sally said...

¡Gasp! Crazy hi-jinks, great sound!

Heheh, your look is of course très cool.

Sorry about your dear, departed hat *prays for its safety*.

Anonymous said...

Could someone from the US be able to buy it? I am a huge fan and would like to be able to purchase something like this.

clerkenwell kid said...

Of course. We don't discriminate against our US friends.

or if you have any issues:

Sally said...

¡Gasp! and ¡Gasp!

This arrived today...what a treasure trove!!!!

I highly recommend.