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My friend Pete Sollet sent me this photograph. Big deal right? But this isn't the central east side of London, it's the lower east side of Manhattan. I do look forward to eating there soon - but if you get chance to check it out, do let us know whether it's worthy of the name won't you?

Unfortunately due to circumstances rather beyond my control, I may not be in New York this summer as planned. Having been there every year for so long now, it will seem strange to miss it this time around. Until last year, I nearly always stayed with Pete and Eva and their dog Rae in their lower east side apartment (I shared with Rae). Their films: 'Five feet high and Rising' and 'Raising Victor Vargas' are kind of hymns to that particular part of the city - as of course in a way, is 'Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist' for which they moved to LA for Pete to direct.

I was pleased to be able to contribute some music to that film which I thoroughly enjoyed. Here is the instrumental of Last Words. I don't think it's available any where else and, despite having being written about walking around London in a daze wondering where it all went wrong, it will now always remind me of driving around New York in a yellow taxi wondering where it all went right.


spillyjane said...

Few things are more satisfying than a good collaboration.

I really enjoy seeing (and hearing) cities celebrated in both music and film. Now, when I write a love song to a city/building, I do it in fibre.

clerkenwell kid said...

Wonderful Jane - let us know when you will knit Clerkenwell

spillyjane said...

I would relish the opportunity to immortalize Clerkenwell in knitting -- I'm sure there are ample details around the area that would translate nicely into knit motifs. Unfortunately, I'm on the wrong side of the Atlantic to see said details for myself...but if you could point me in the direction of photographs of such details, I'll see what I can do.

With any luck, we may end up with Clerkenwell mittens!

Sally said...

Wow spillyjane, that building is so beautiful close-up!

Cities always have such wonderful history - and art is so much more engaging when it is created out of something real, n'est-ce pas?
Those films and soundtracks are so carefully put together they can't fail to impress.

Clerkenwell mittens would surely be an amazing first - a Google search gives a whole host of photos of Clerkenwell - I work nearby and can vouch for the fact that they reflect the vibe nicely.

James said...

Wonderful...It's looking good. haha You got a good photographs..

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