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You wore your Sunday best
I wore my summer dress
At the Easter bank holiday parade

You said: 'It seems like a still
From some Nineteen Sixties foreign film"
I said: " I hope I always feel this way"
Easter parade
Easter parade

The ferry boat came into land
As we lay there upon the sand
And the carnival crowd wandered away

The afternoon began to fade
My make up smudged across your face
You said: "I wish that I could stay"
Easter parade
Easter parade

-Time passes-

At the station I came to wait
We said good-bye, you caught the train
I walked back home along the bay

I remember that summer dress
Though these days I wear something less
Provincial at the
Easter parade
Easter parade


Anonymous said...

You won't believe, I remembered this song just yesterday...

clerkenwell kid said...

Hi Sasha

Nice to hear from you

We are in Moscow next month. Mail me if you are around - it 'll be lovely to see you..

Cygnus said...

I had this song stuck in my head yesterday, actually, which was appropriate.

Happy Easter!

Michael S. said...

Happy Easter!:)

Michelle said...

haha was playing this last week. Perfectly suited to the occasion!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!!

Are you coming to NYC again anytime this year? I couldn't make it to Joe's Pub last year. :/

Thanks again and much love.

clerkenwell kid said...

You are very welcome

I hope so - we really enjoyed that show - so much that I had my first drink in four months afterwards..

Jack said...

Hello Clenkerwell Kid,
I've just discovered your blog, although I'm a big fan of your Real Tuesday Weld since a long time ago. How come I didn´t know your blog I don´t know... It's never too late.
The fact is that I'm enjoying it a lot.
In this particular entry I like the Banksy picture. I strongly recommend to everyone who doesn´t know his work to visit his webpage:

Greetings from Spain

clerkenwell kid said...

yes, i am afraid banksy is a genius

wonderful show

Cookie Monster said...

I don't know what is about this song that amazes me so much i can't stop listening to it! this may sound funny!
but thank you for making it.