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To Kings College to chaperone Mr Duncan through a drug comedown after his operation. Now Camberwell is a district I know not at all but I was very pleased to discover this little street:
My phone rang and it was Toynbee Studios. Just when I had resigned myself to either having to purchase a new velocipede or to undertake future journeys on foot, I was delighted to learn they had discovered my stolen bicycle in some bushes near the theatre. True the delight was somewhat mitigated by the reflection that the bike was so uncool that the person who stole it couldn't be bothered keeping it, but it saved me the painful process of having to make a decision about a new one.

Did The Walk of Love home and vowed to reconsider my newly learned dislike of Shoreditch.


Anonymous said...

Of course it's a cool bike. It's yours.

Tamsin said...

There's a walkway in Loughborough named 'True Lovers Walk' but I don't have any pictures to hand. It is dingy, feels quite seedy and is full of dog poo and uninventive graffiti. Still, it still had a certain something and I miss it. Testament to the power of naming things (nomenclature?).