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Time goes so quickly now doesn't it? - And it's almost already that time of year again. Every winter for almost a decade now The Real Tuesday Weld have sent out a little audio christmas card with exclusive tracks and funny things and now they've finally made it available to all friends.

It has artwork by Catherine Anyango and contains some real surprises. It will fit most stocking sizes.

I believe they have also remixed Count Basie for the Verve Christmas album. Very nice too.

Best wishes to all. Thanks for listening, reading, watching, commenting. I appreciate that very much. See you next year I hope..


Michelle said...

can't wait! what a lovely gift

bryan_t said...

Speaking of special tracks... I seem completely at a loss trying to find that special, delightfully upbeat mix of "Someday" that I could have sworn was in a Radio Clerkenwell podcast... any clues?

clerkenwell kid said...

hi bryan

if you mean the one that is used here, then there is a version of it on the cd les aperitifs and les digestifs

I think that's it?

bryan_t said...

that is absolutely the one, thanks, kid.

H said...

Message posted at 21.51 on 5th December 2008? Are you sure? I thought I was swaying along to your music at the V & A at that very moment? Or perhaps it was all over and I was collecting my coat from the cloakroom. But 4 comments posted in response on December 2nd and 3rd? Time travel, time bending, being in two places at once? I'm confused and intrigued and delighted.

clerkenwell kid said...

Very observant H.

Although i appeared to be playing and controlling visuals at the V and A, I was in fact replying to e-mails and posting here. No time to waste you see!

But very glad you enjoyed it - we did too - what a room!



webgooroo said...

I would like to ask you about "At The End Of The World -- Live". What are a record and story? 10x for answer.

clerkenwell kid said...

go here