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My friend Gina reminded me that today would have been Gainsbourg's birthday. Can you imagine what he would have been like had he lived to be 80? No?- "moi non plus" as he might have said. And it's seventeen years since he died in Paris - rather reduced but still pretty stylish - and smoking - almost to the end.

These days with the slightly irritating ubiquity of Jane Birkin, it's easy to forget how forgotten he actually was during his lifetime - well outside France at any rate.

Anyway, I was reminded of an afternoon round at Clive's a few years ago when we sat around and recorded this. It's a bit out of tune and francophone's may quarrel with the translation but it felt right somehow.

Happy Birthday Serge.


Heather said...

Happy Birthday, Serge! This was always one of my favorites of his - 'Comic Strip' Scopitone on YouTube
Even though most people tend to think of it as funny, eh, I still find it infectious. (And I'd love to hear a Real Tuesday Weld version of it some day... hint, hint.) :) I'm also especially fond of the songs he wrote for Francois Hardy - you familiar with her stuff at all?

clerkenwell kid said...

oh yes, pure genius heather - it's all great - apart form maybe the Freggae period..

George Fort said...

Thanks Stephen, you really knock me out sometimes. Measure for Measure. Keep these great songs coming! I love "this" -And happy birthday Serge--always a great hero of mine

Heather said...

Glad you liked it! I've had that Serge video sitting around for years.
It's funny - a friend just sent me the latest Puppini Sisters video because I'm a bit of a Vivienne Westwood fan. Imagine my surprise to see you in it! So sorry you got shot, but at least the popcorn scene looked like fun. :)

clerkenwell kid said...

I've been killed a few times - but that particular event involved lying on my back in the freezing rain on hampstead heath for about an hour.

It very nearly proved, er, 'fatal'..