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RIPied Piper

I have to say I'm very sad at the news just came in that Syd Barrett is dead. How sad - and it seemed in many ways his life was quite sad too - but who knows? -at least he had the enormous integrity to not do the comeback that he was continually hounded to do and which many of his contemporaries embarassingly did do. I love his music - particularly 'waving my arms in the air' and he had a few really magical years. Beautiful then too.

Of course, Syd actually died many years ago - it's Roger Barrett who just passed on

bless you both....

(syd painting by hu mendes)


nell said...


How very true. I had just posted a sad goodbye to Syd on your last blog when up came this one. I knew this would be the place to come to think sweet thoughts about Syd. I was listening to him on the way home last night and singing about Effervescing Elephants in the shower this morning. I was very sad when I read the news.
I know we hadnt heard anything new from Syd, or were likely to...but WHY must people like him leave us while people like Barry Mainlow keep hanging about!?!??! It's a little like Bill Hicks and Carrot Top. It all makes me scrunch up my face.


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LC Greenwood said...

Ah, the memores that come to mind.
All I know is that if I have a kid and we get him/her a mouse, we're calling him Gerald. And we won't know why.

clerkenwell kid said...

that's a very cool idea lc.

if you hear about a Syd tribute album (there is bound to be one right?), let us know - I would love to do a track with Valentine for him.

nell said...

Well...I dont know about the rest of the world but the prospect of a tribute album with The Clerkenwell Kid and Valentine on it makes ME happy. (Goodness knows it is all about me.) And with all the artists Syd could be a very LONG album.
Pointless side comment....I had a What The Fuck moment a few weeks ago when I found myself listening to Syd while reading Nietzsche. I know it should have been a sad mental illness combo moment..but it made me laugh. Ever wonder if you have gone from watching the nutters to joining them?


rigah said...

Usually I don't like tribute albums, but yes, that sounds veeery good=)

just a girl said...

I thought you might be interested in this.

It's John doing Golden Hair.

clerkenwell kid said...

hey thankyou - how wonderful
james joyce and syd and john frusciante - wow...