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Happy Winter Solstice ...

Xmas Card

Here's a little ludicrous something for you
courtesy of
Father Budovsky and his little helpers


Stella Polaris said...

Dear Steven. Happy holidays to you and your friends & relatives! Thank you for a year of wonderful music. Don't forget your fans in Finland!

clerkenwell kid said...

hey stella

you are very, very welcome and the same to you and yours

absolutely can't wait to come to finland......


Clare said...

Have just stumbled across these podcasts and this blog, and this funky little animation... and it's made my Christmas eve-y time all the better. Hope to catch up with the RTW somewhere in Clerkenwell in 2006 - please announce a gig in Jan/Feb when I'll be in London!! And Happy Christmas!!!!

the bellyacher said...


I just sent a reply to your mailing list regarding the usage of some images from your website (to post a blog about the real tuesday weld). I'm not sure if my email will go anywhere so I thought I should try contacting you.

Anyway, thank you for the Christmas present! I enjoyed it quite a bit. Hopefully one day you can make it out to Fresno, California for a show.


Anonymous said...

On the podcast series - 6. The End The first bit of music 'well, when you're drunk and you're money's spent'
What song is that please and which album is it from - i think it's great
Many thanks
+ any London Gigs in the new Year?